Pillow Talk: Dillo Day hookups

Laken Howard, Columnist

It’s no secret that Dillo Day is Northwestern’s dedicated day for drunken debauchery. Yeah, there are some concerts on the Lakefill or something, but the quintessential Dillo experience is unquestionably the darty. What’s more fun than 18-foot beer bongs (which I just purchased on Amazon Prime), seemingly infinite kegs and mingling with a bunch of people you probably don’t really know, all in broad daylight? Nothing.

A key element to a successful Dillo Day is undoubtedly getting your flirt on with a bunch of randos. My freshman year, my friend from out of state and I basically threw ourselves at frat guys, flirting and making friends and just generally having a grand old time. Nothing came of it, though; it was all just innocent fun for us. However, I’ve known others who’ve actually participated in a sloppy, midday Dillo hookup.

Let’s get one thing straight: Legally, you can’t give consent to have sex if you’re incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, but I know that realistically, of-age adults will be making those decisions for themselves. However, the issue of consent isn’t always in vocalizing your own desire to have sex, but rather confirming with your partner that he or she wants to as well. All I’m asking is that everyone is respectful this Dillo Day. Making sure you and your partner are safe by getting consent from both parties is the most important thing. If possible, consider talking to your partner beforehand if you want to discuss your sexual plans for Dillo, but remember that this is NOT a substitute for in-the-moment consent. If there is even a question about whether consent was given, the answer is always “no.”

Honestly, because of the nature of Dillo Day and how f—– up everyone gets, I would strongly advise that you just don’t have sex that day. You all know by now that I am a big proponent of sex of all kinds, so my former statement might be a little shocking. However, if everyone (me included) is heavily intoxicated, it’s safer to not even risk it. Dillo Day is the perfect environment for a well-received makeout, but try to keep things PG-13. It’s a day for fun and music and beer and friends, but if you’re under the influence, both you and your partner are safer if the clothes remain on until the buzz wears off.

For more information, CARE’s website has a great resource defining consent. And if you choose to have sex on Dillo Day, remember to use protection!

Unfortunately, The Current is drawing to a close for the school year, and since I’ll be away on my JR (at Cosmopolitan!) in the fall, this will be my last installment of Pillow Talk. I’ve had so much fun being your sex spirit guide. As always, stay safe and stay sexy!

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