How to pull off the Dillo bro tank

Elizabeth Santoro, Fashion Columnist

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When it comes to picking your outfit for Dillo Day, it couldn’t get easier because it’s likely you ordered a Dillo tank. Add some shorts and knock-around shoes (plus a comfortable sports bra), and you’re good to go. However, everyone will be sharing the same look, so here are some pointers for helping you fashionably work the bro tank.

Hello, shorts weather (knock on wood)

Here is where you have room to dress up or down your tank. If you want the laid-back, grunge look, frayed cut-offs are your best bet. If you’re looking for something more polished, wear some high-wasted shorts and tuck in the tank. There is, of course, the standard cuffed jean short, which is a classic that looks good on mostly everyone.

One-time use shoes

Although you should put little brainpower in the perfect shoe to wear, since it will probably be covered in dirt by the end of the day, you should still pick something that complements your legs and is comfortable. A Keds-style shoe goes with almost any outfit and makes your legs look thinner. The chunkier the shoe you have, the stockier your legs will appear. Some people like to wear ankle booties to music festivals, and they are trendy, but if you plan on jumping around with the crowd, boots provide a nice place for dirt to collect. Either way, toe-covered shoes will be your best defense against getting stepped on in the crowd.

You’re a gem

Jewelry is where you can personalize this bro tank. Stack bracelets, wear statement necklaces and dangly earrings. Statement necklaces are a great way to make your look unique; however, be wary that the bigger the necklace, the chunkier it will be, and it will stick to your neck. Bracelets are a simple way to accessorize your outfit without overdoing it, but keep it simple with a few stacked bracelets that represent your personality. If you plan on wearing your hair up, dangle post earrings are great way to elongate your face while lowering the chances of you losing one.


Wear some cheap sunglasses. Simply put, the outfit would not be complete without shades — and you’ll protect your eyes. Freshmen, those Rock the Beach glasses have finally found their purpose.

Embrace the look

While magazines now highlight festival fashion, understand that Dillo Day is neither a photo shoot nor a runway. Prepare for this outfit to be a one-time use and embrace the dirtiness that comes with running around Evanston with your friends from morning to night.