Eat away your post-Dillo Day haze

Hayley Glatter, Copy Chief

Dillo Day was totes the gr8est day of your Northwestern life. You hung out with your besties, enjoyed some adult beverages (but obvs only if you’re over 21), took a couple of selfies and judged everyone wearing a flower crown while secretly wishing you had one. But now it’s Sunday, and you’re, well, feeling less than stellar.

If the post-Dillo Day blues have hit you hard, a good plate of food from one of Evanston’s finest eateries is sure to help perk you back up. There are a ton of theoretically reliable articles online about what foods to eat to cure your hangover symptoms, and they all seem to point to a few key items: fresh fruit, eggs and drinks. So don’t spend all of Sunday in bed, and kick-start your recovery with a heaping plate of deliciousness.

Clarke’s, 720 Clark St.

To be honest, you’re probably going to sleep through what is commonly conceived of as “breakfast” the day after Dillo Day, but the beauty of Clarke’s is that it is open and serving up eggs and hash browns throughout the entire day. Not only is the food inexpensive, but also the coffee flows freely and there are tons of omelet choices. So you’re sure to find something that works for your taste buds.

Plus, I feel like a lot of old people and businessmen hang out at Clarke’s during the day, but because Sunday brunch is a thing and you’ll be rolling up to the diner later than the crowd, you probs won’t have to worry much about judgmental glares.

Jamba Juice, 630 Davis St.

Normally I avoid the chain restaurants in Evanston (idk is that pretentious?) unless it’s Panera Bread because I have a soft spot for the bread bowl. That being said, there’s nothing quite like a Jamba Juice smoothie, and although there are other places to get one in Evanston, I’d rather go with a tried-and-true favorite in my time of post-Dillo Day need. The fruit options at Jamba Juice are extensive, and with the option to put various protein and vitamin boosters in your smoothie, you can supplement the fruity nutrients with a little something extra.

Edzo’s Burger Shop, 1571 Sherman Ave.

Whether or not you trust the science or just have an unbearable headache, you’ll need something a little bit greasier the day after Dillo Day. There’s no better place to get your unhealthy on than at Edzo’s, where the milkshakes are ginormous and the burgers leave a happy blanket of grease on your napkin. The burger shop does close at 4 p.m. on Sundays, though, so be sure to get yourself together in time to enjoy your meal. Sometimes, you just need truffle fries, and that’s really OK.

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