Police: Botched drug deal leads to teen stripping at knifepoint

Patrick Svitek, Reporter

A plan by two Skokie teens to rob an Evanston drug dealer backfired when the dealer ran after one of them and stole his clothes at knifepoint, police said Monday.

The incident led to the arrests Thursday of the two teens, the drug dealer and a third Skokie teen, according to authorities.

The two teens had set up a meeting to buy marijuana from the Evanston drug dealer, 21-year-old Corie R. Brissette, and the third Skokie teen, police said. While the deal was in progress, the two teens pulled out pellet guns, apparently trying to rob Brissette, of the 1800 block of Hartrey Avenue, and the third teen, according to authorities.

Realizing the weapons were pellet guns, Brissette chased after one of the two teens and threatened him with a knife, according to police. Authorities said Brissette then demanded that the teen strip. The teen took off his clothes, and Brissette fled with them.

Shortly after the incident, all four suspects were taken into custody, police said. Brissette was arrested in the 2200 block of Main Street, while the teens were arrested in the 7300 block of Niles Center Road.

Brissette has been charged with armed robbery and delivery of cannabis. One of the teens has been charged with aggravated battery and possession of cannabis, another has been charged with aggravated robbery and possession of cannabis and the other has been charged with armed robbery, battery and delivery of cannabis. Two of the teens are 16, and the other is 17.

Brissette’s bail has been set at $10,000, according to records from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. His next court date is June 10.

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