Ride-share regulation bill passes Illinois Senate

Sophia Bollag, City Editor

A bill that would create new regulations for ride-sharing services passed the Illinois Senate on Thursday and will now move to Gov. Pat Quinn for approval.

The bill, which has been criticized by companies such as Uber and Lyft, would require background checks, vehicle safety inspections and a chauffeur’s license  for ride-share drivers who work more than 18 hours per week.

(Ridesharers voice opposition to bill that implements new regulations)

Additionally, the bill would prevent ride-share drivers from soliciting customers in loading zones and taxi stands. It would also ban ride-share drivers from being hailed on the street. 

Uber spokeswoman Lauren Altmin said the additional regulations would hurt the service. She cited the 18-hour-per-week limit as something the company was particularly concerned about.

“This short-sighted cap would force hard-working drivers off the road and take dollars out of their pockets,” Altmin said in an email to The Daily. “In a matter of weeks, Springfield has put forth a hasty, unfair bill that is worse for consumers and only benefits the existing taxi monopoly.”

The bill passed the Senate 46-8.

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