Pillow Talk: Underrated positions

Laken Howard, Columnist

Lately, it seems like if you’re not having sex upside-down on a Laundromat washing machine while eating an avocado off your partner’s chest, you’re “boring.” Positions have crazier names (and flexibility requirements) than ever, and while I am a huge proponent of experimentation and spicing things up, sometimes I just like to stick with the tried-and-true classics. Here are my top three favorite “basic” positions and what I like about them so much.


Does the lyric “look back at it” mean anything to you? If so, then you probably enjoy doggy style. Being on your hands and knees while your partner enters you from behind allows his penis to go super deep, potentially hitting the elusive G-spot more easily. While eye contact — which I really love — is harder in this position, I still find it sexy when I toss my hair back, look over my shoulder and lock eyes briefly with my partner. If we’re doing it doggy style, I generally prefer things to be a little rougher. Combined with the deep penetration, incorporating some spanking and hair-pulling can quickly intensify the sex (and hopefully the orgasms). The bad news with doggy? My nipples are usually out of reach. Moment of silence for my nipples.


This one’s a classic for a reason. Many women I know enjoy being on top because it allows them more control over the speed and rhythm. While these are definite bonuses, my favorite part of girl-on-top is that I can lie flat against my partner’s chest, allowing me a perfect angle for biting his neck and whispering in his ear. Being closer to him also gives him the opportunity to play with my nipples, which is fun for both of us (okay, mostly me). The worst part of being on top — which a lot of men find sexy — is that my long, unruly hair gets in my mouth, his mouth, my eyes … you name it, my hair’s been there. Don’t get me wrong, though: I would never resort to putting my hair up out of frustration. It may be a little distracting and annoying, but it’s still fun to toss it around majestically while on top.


To be honest, this is probably my favorite position. Maybe it has to do with how my body most easily achieves orgasm, but I find sex most satisfying when I’m on my back in some form or another. Though it’s true missionary can get boring if you never branch out, there are ways to put a twist on it without having to switch positions entirely. My favorite is simple, yet effective: While on your back, wrap your legs around your guy’s waist to help him get even deeper inside you and closer to you. This also allows easy access to the clitoris, which is invaluable for most girls. Personally, I need guys to pay special attention to my clit if I’m ever going to have an orgasm. Missionary is severely underrated; I often feel the strongest connection to guys when in missionary, though that’s obviously a personal preference. Either way, it shouldn’t be overlooked, but rather revered as the erotic classic that it is.

Until next time, stay safe and stay sexy!

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