Street Style Inspiration: Crop tops and combat boots

Kendall Siewert, Columnist

WHO: Anjali Nath, Communication sophomore 

WHAT: A black crop top, black skirt, black tights, grape combat boots, gold necklace, gray structured coat

WHERE: Outside of Kresge Hall

WHY: What immediately drew me to Anjali was that amazing gray coat. It gives her a tailored, polished appearance while still looking youthful. The black piping detail adds interest and ties in with the darker colors of the rest of her outfit.

THE BREAKDOWN: Wearing a crop top during the day isn’t easy. In fact, wearing a crop top isn’t easy, period. But Anjali really pulls it off. What makes it work is the simple black color palette and the added modesty from a structured jacket. She shows just the right amount of skin around her stomach and covers up her legs with black tights to keep the outfit daytime-appropriate. Her grape combat boots give her just a touch of individuality to make you turn around and look twice. A small gold necklace is the perfect accessory to finish off the ensemble.

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