Avoid the rain and exercise indoors

Chelsea Sherlock, Fitness Columnist

When it’s raining out, I barely want to walk to class, let alone walk to the gym or go for a run. With rain forecasted for most days this week, I’ve kept my workouts to things I can do at home.

There are a variety of exercises that don’t require machines or weights but still yield results.

Basic Plank
Muscles Used: abdominals, chest, back
How To: Get into a push up position, with hands together, forming a triangle with your forearms under your shoulders. Your back should be straight. Contract abdominals and hold the position. Start out holding the position for 15 to 30 seconds and increase the time as you get stronger.

Modified sit-up
Muscles Used: abdominals, thighs
How To: Lie flat on the ground, facing up. Raise legs off the ground and while sitting up, pull knees into chest. Slowly lower back to the ground and extend legs back out, keeping them off the ground.

Tricep dips
Muscles Used: triceps, shoulders
How To:  Use a steady, flat horizontal surface like a desk or the seat of a chair. Face away and put hands behind you on the surface and put your legs out in front of you. Using your arms to support yourself, lower your torso and butt until your upper arms and legs are parallel to the ground. Slowly use hands to return to standing position.

Plie squat
Muscles Used: quadriceps, gluteals
How To: Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders and toes pointed out. Contract abdominals and squeeze together your glutes, lowering your butt until your thighs are parallel with the ground.

Mountain climbers
Muscles Used: deltoids, triceps, abdominals, hips, quadriceps
How To: Start out like you are doing a plank, with your feet hip-width apart and hands under your shoulders. Contract your abdominals and make sure your butt is not up too high. Keeping your hands where they are, pull your left leg into your chest, keeping your foot off the ground. Return to plank position and then switch legs, pulling right leg into chest. Speed is key.

“L” Abs
Muscles Used: abdominals, gluteals
How To: Lay flat on the ground facing up. Lift legs up to be perpendicular to the ground. Contract abdominals and squeeze together glutes. Slowly lower legs to the ground but stop before touching the ground, counting to five and then slowly raising.

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