Blotter: April 10

Julian Gerez, Assistant City Editor

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Chicago resident charged with theft

A Chicago man was charged Monday afternoon with felony retail theft from CVS. 

The 48-year-old stole more than $75 in merchandise, including soda and cookies, at about 2:10 p.m. from the store, Evanston Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott said. An employee at the store, located at 1711 Sherman Ave., detained the Chicago resident at the front entrance. Because the man had numerous prior convictions for retail theft, he was charged with a felony instead of a misdemeanor, police said. 

The man is scheduled to appear in court April 21. 

Man stole 4 Dove products from Evanston store

Another Chicago resident was arrested in connection with stealing hygiene products from the same CVS store on Monday afternoon, less than an hour after the first theft incident.

Parrott said a 41-year-old man put two Dove shea butter soap bars and two Dove shea butter body wash containers, worth more than $35 dollars, into a white bag and tried to leave the store without paying for them. Police said the Chicago resident was stopped as he attempted to leave the store. He was charged with misdemeanor retail theft.

The incident was recorded on video. The man is scheduled to appear in court May 14. 

CVS is a store that is traditionally targeted for theft because of the variety of products it sells, Parrott said. However, he said the two incidents do not appear to be related. 

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