Food Waste and Hunger Summit draws national crowd

Jordan Harrison, Assistant Campus Editor

The 2014 Food Waste & Hunger Summit was held at Northwestern this weekend as part of a combined effort between student leaders and outside organizations from across the country to explore issues surrounding food waste and food insecurity.

The summit was co-hosted by Food Recovery Network and The Campus Kitchens Project. Both organizations work to reclaim unused food from college campuses and donate it to those in need.

Robert Egger, president and founder of L.A. Kitchen, delivered the keynote address focused on how to be an effective leader in a changing world. The event also featured breakout sessions about topics including raising hunger awareness, growing community gardens and educating youth about health and nutrition.

Jonathan Bloom, journalist and food justice advocate, gave the closing keynote address highlighting possible solutions for minimizing the amount of food waste.

Weinberg senior Yuliya Bandurovych, a shift leader with NU’s chapter of Campus Kitchens, said the summit gave her insight into the reach of the organization and taught her how to conserve food and impact food waste as an individual.

“It gave me a realization for, first of all, how broad we are, and second of all, how many branches we’ve expanded into and all the different partners that we work with,” Bandurovych said.

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