More comfortable library chairs wins 10K Initiative

Rebecca Savransky, Campus Editor

Finals Week all-nighters at the library will soon be more enjoyable for Northwestern students.

Adding more comfortable chairs in the library won the 2014 edition of the 10K Initiative, Associated Student Government announced Wednesday.

McCormick senior and ASG executive vice president Alex Van Atta said this option received about 200 more votes than the second most chosen option, which was a Lakefill swing set. This was followed by the increased outdoor lighting for North Campus trees and the ability to use munch money in several downtown Evanston businesses. A statue of Willie the Wildcat outside of Norris University Center received the fewest votes.

Van Atta said students expressed concern about specific aspects of all of the other options besides the library chair improvements, emphasizing this option would likely be the most useful for the majority of campus.

“The library furniture was the least controversial of all five of them. Most people can see utility in adding more furniture to the library because most people use it as opposed to something like the Lakefill or Evanston where it’s not as close to North Campus,” Van Atta said. “This serves a wider variety of people.”

Van Atta said library administrators had expressed interest in potentially donating more money to the idea, however the logistics of and proposed timeline for the project are still being discussed.

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