Pillow Talk: Toys ‘R’ Us


Laken Howard, Columnist

As much as I wish this were an article highlighting the relative merits of Legos versus Lincoln Logs, I think we all know I’m talking about a different kind of toy. Though not every night in the sack is begging to be intensified by the addition of a sex toy, it’s never a bad idea to break out of your comfort zone with your partner — whether you’ve been together for two months or two years — and try something new. If you’re both comfortable with the idea, test out these different kinds of toys to change up your life between the sheets.


The best way to start incorporating vibrators in the bedroom is to start small — literally. If it’s something totally foreign to you and your partner, invest in a small bullet vibrator to enhance the sensation on a girl’s clitoris or nipples during sex. If you’re a guy and you want in on the action, let your partner know what erogenous zones could use a little extra attention. If you’re thinking about exploring the back door, a small vibrator in the ass for either a guy or girl can really enhance an orgasm. A small vibrator is a great way to test the waters and see if ass play is something you’re interested in and want to experiment more with.


The idea of bondage is a scary thing to flirt with at first, but if you’re at all intrigued by the thought of it, I would recommend trying handcuffs at least once. If actual metal — or even fuzzy — handcuffs are too cliche for you, try the age-old trick of using a pair of panties or a pretty scarf as a substitute. Light bondage is a good way to change up the power dynamic of your sex life, so try both being tied up and doing the tying to see what you like best. There’s something inherently sexy about both being totally in control and not being in control at all; for me, it depends on my mood. Just make sure to communicate with your partner so you’re both comfortable, safe and on the same page.

Cock rings

If you want some hands-free vibrating action, cock rings are a great option. Rather than having to focus any attention on operating a vibrator, your guy can simply slip on a cock ring that will vibrate against your clitoris with every thrust. The vibration feels good for the guy as well, and having the ring at the base of the penis can help his erection stay harder and last longer as it slows the flow of blood. There are also non-vibrating options, so feel free to try whichever tickles your fancy.

If these three aren’t enough, there are plenty more options if you want to experiment with toys in the bedroom. Do a little research, talk to your partner and before you know it, things could be steamier than ever. If you ask me, that beats the hell out of preschool playdates and boring, non-sexual toys.

That’s it for this quarter. Until next quarter, I hope you all have a stress-free finals week and sex-filled spring break. Stay safe and stay sexy!

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