The Rundown: Feb. 13

Mollie Cahillane, Current Writer

Shirley Temple dies at 85

Beloved child star Shirley Temple Black passed away Monday surrounded by family and friends. Temple made her onscreen debut at just age three, but unlike other child stars, she transitioned gracefully into adulthood. After leading the box office for three straight years as a child, she eventually became the U.S. ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. There’s no doubt Shirley changed show business, and I’ll be drinking a Shirley Temple tonight in her memory.

Taylor Swift cuts her iconic hair

Taylor posted an Instagram video showing people cheering with the caption: “Haircut.” A few hours later she posted another photo of herself and singer Ellie Goulding captioned, “London, I could never thank you enough. See you next time! PS: Short hair, don’t care. (!!!)” There aren’t many people who could make breaking news with a haircut, but like it or not, Taylor is one of them. Check out pictures; it’s glorious.

Derek Jeter to retire from baseball after 2014 season

I grew up going to Yankees games, and for me, Jeter is the Yankees. So when he announced the 2014 season to be his last, it was hard not to cry. The Yankees are criticized often for paying their players too much and not having any true loyalty, but just look at Jeter. His entire career has been with the Yankees, and he represents the heart and soul of this truly American sport. With the exception of a playoff appearance, captain Jeter’s final game will be Sept. 28 at Fenway Park.

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