Pincidents: Valentine’s DIY for the millennial generation

Hayley Glatter, Copy Chief

In my dark, Taylor Swift-obsessed days, I was really excited about the 2010 movie “Valentine’s Day.” Tay had a small role in the film alongside then-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, and I was totally jazzed to see my idol make the transition from singer to actress (hopefully more successfully than that time Rihanna was in a “Bring it On” movie).

However, the movie, like the holiday it was based on, was anticlimactic.

Valentine’s Day is one of those things people love to hate, especially if their love lives are less than greeting card worthy. That being said, whether you’re excited for a V-Day with your significant other or you’re excited because it’s an excuse to eat a lot of sugar, you’ll probably want something sweet to snack on. I turned to Pinterest to find some treats for Feb. 14 and have likened their success to various social media interactions because millennials like the Internet.

Favorited tweet

You’re kind of interested in someone, but you don’t want to be too forward. And you for sure don’t want him or her to know you’re a borderline crazy online stalker. So, you favorite a tweet because it’s quick, simple and shows you are paying a socially acceptable level of attention.  Chocolate-filled raspberries have the same effect: they seem sort of healthy and don’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.

This recipe can’t even be called a recipe: All you do is rinse raspberries and stick chocolate chips inside. Fruit and chocolate are a killer combination, and this recipe requires minimal effort.

Facebook official

It’s time. You’re friends with your one gossipy aunt on Facebook, and you know as soon as you click that relationship status button, the entire family is going to know about your new significant other. That confirmatory mouse click takes commitment and so do these cookie sandwiches. Though I have no idea if your FBO relationship will pan out, I can tell you that these treats are better than getting 72 likes on that new couple profile picture.

To make these masterpieces, shape pre-made cookie dough into hearts. To do this, flatten a dough ball and use a knife to create an indent at the top. Then pinch together the bottom of the dough. After baking the cookies, put frosting between two of them and dust with sprinkles to make a heart-shaped sandwich.

AIM “brb”

Getting a prolonged “brb” from a crush was seriously the most detrimental thing to ever happen to middle schoolers circa 2007. It was basically saying “talk to the hand” but in a more digitized way. You knew he or she was totally still online talking to someone else, and you were shunned. You should apply this level of coldness to these Fruit Roll-Ups fortune cookies because they deserve to see an away message forever.

The recipe made it look so easy to form Fruit Roll-Ups into fortune cookies, but it wasn’t. I wrote cute Valentine’s Day messages and then attempted to use a peanut butter jar lid as a cookie cutter to make circles of Fruit Roll-Ups. It was all downhill as the lid did not cut through the candy, and I was unable to fold the Fruit Roll-Ups into the desired shape. This recipe was definitely a Pinterest “cya l8er.”

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