NU Year, NU You: Tech accessories get a feminine twist

Miranda Leon, Blogger

Netflix addict? Facebook stalker? Insta-holic? If you identify with any of these, it is likely you are female.

According to studies by market research and consulting firm Parks Associates, women view online movies, download music and post pictures to social networking sites more than men. It turns out Joaquin Phoenix isn’t the only one in love with a computer (“Her” for Best Picture anyone?).

Add a more feminine touch to your technology with these five ideas:

Phone Charger

Phone Charger

Decorating phone chargers is not only fashionable, but functional; once you personalize your phone charger it will be easier to find. You can adorn the base of the charger with a large gem, gold studs or an amulet like the one pictured above. I decorated my phone charger with the pearls and the charm from a broken bracelet. Take a look at your jewelry collection — if there is something you do not use, put it to better use and hot glue it to your phone charger.

Phone Case

iPhone Case

The OtterBox phone case is quite possibly the reason technology gadgets get a bad rap as being ugly. You know the one I’m talking about: the bulky case that looks like it is armored up and ready for battle. Surrender your OtterBox, prevent damage to your phone and make a fashion statement with a bedazzled phone case. To create a customized phone case, simply purchase a plain case. Then, embellish the case to your heart’s content with various gems or buttons. Apply adornments to the case with extra strength super glue. The best approach is to apply about three or four large gems and decorate the rest of the case with rhinestones. Start small by personalizing these wood phone cases made for iPhone 4/4S/5:

Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome Theme

If you aren’t already using Google Chrome for its cool features, the themes will surely convince you. Visit the Chrome Web Store for hundreds of designs in the themes gallery to personalize your browsers. My personal favorite (pictured) is one designed by the fashion brand, Kate Spade New York. Its colorful yet simplistic striped pattern leaves a one-time Internet Explorer devotee like myself with no regrets about ditching my old browser.

Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

There are two kinds of people in life: the boring and the adventurous. The traditional and the unconventional. The classic black laptop bag users and those who seek a little more fun in life. Spice it up with a cute laptop case. Try a vintage-inspired cargo and leather messenger bag, brightly colored style or a quilt laptop sleeve with a funky pattern. Vera Bradley carries laptop sleeves in a variety of patterns. This season my top two pattern picks are clementine and blue bayou.

App Icons

App Icons 1

CoccoPPa is free in the App Store and allows you to customize the icons of your apps. Select from thousands of cute icon styles or create your own. Just remember you cannot delete the original app because CoccoPPa icons are only shortcuts. Place your original apps into a folder and drag them onto your second app screen to hide them. Tip: Store your apps in folders on your iPhone for organization and a more attractive look. On my phone, the folder, “Social Soiree,” contains social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. 

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