The Rundown: Feb. 6

Coca-Cola causes controversy and reveals bigots 

Coke’s Super Bowl commercial featured numerous people singing “America the Beautiful” in languages other than English, igniting uproar on Twitter. Many people claimed it was “treasonous” to have our “national anthem” sung in a language other than English. Spoiler alert: English is not the official language of the United States. We don’t have one! Here’s a shocker: Glenn Beck and Fox News are among those outraged. Coke’s ad, “It’s Beautiful,” highlighted the incredible diversity and inclusiveness of this nation of immigrants. Featuring a gay family, seven languages and many cultures, this ad is indeed beautiful.  

‘Biggest Loser’ winner’s health could be an issue

I don’t like the show “The Biggest Loser.” I think it’s dangerous and perpetuates a negative image of overweight people. That being said, the newest winner, Rachel Frederickson, went from 260 pounds to a shocking 105 pounds and was crowned the winner of season 15. The reality star says there’s nothing to worry about, despite concerns from the Twitterverse.  While I’m all for saying she should do her, I don’t think it’s healthy for this rapid weight loss attitude to invade households. Even “Biggest Loser” trainers couldn’t hide their surprise when they saw her.

Chris Brown avoids going to jail, again

What a surprise. Another celebrity gets to avoid doing time for the crime. A prosecutor filed to have Brown moved from rehab to prison, but the judge denied it, citing “good behavior.” I don’t know how rehab will help Brown recover from his misdemeanor assault charge instead of prison, but hey, I don’t know as much as a lawyer.

J.K. Rowling regrets pairing Ron and Hermione

Just in: God actually wanted Adam to date the snake, not Eve. “Harry Potter” author Rowling has shockingly said  she wishes she wrote Harry and Hermione ending up together, not Ron and Hermione. Rowling has said the two would definitely need counseling and that she wrote them as a couple as a form of “wish fulfillment.” I’m sorry, J.K., but I really hope you’re with me — because you can’t take this back. Ron and Hermione 2gether 4ever.

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