Pincidents: Congratulations on your acceptance to Hogwarts

Hayley Glatter, Copy Chief

Hello Northwestern.

It is with great pride and a tinge of nostalgia that I formally announce that I will be taking my talents to Hogwarts in the fall.

This decision did not come easily, as I have so enjoyed my time here. From the long, bitterly cold minutes spent waiting for a shuttle that never came to every time the football team broke my little Wildcat heart, NU has been nothing short of a young wizard’s dream school.

However, upon receiving my Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail yesterday, I realized that I have been searching for more all along. While daydreaming on the Red Line, I wasn’t merely trying to distract myself from the train’s decrepit, dying smell, but rather, I was thinking of ways to make Floo Powder a Muggle reality. While “putting my hands up in the air” at Ryan Field, I was actually thinking about how much more efficient Venric Mark would be if he had a Firebolt. While debating which Northwestern school corresponded to which Hogwarts house, I was actually prematurely making my case for why I belong in Gryffindor and why my School of Education and Social Policy roommate is the most Hufflepuff person since Cedric Diggory.

Clearly, this letter was destined to make its way into my hands. And here’s the best part: It can make it into your hands too.

That’s right, for just zero easy payments of absolutely nothing other than printer ink, you can be accepted into Hogwarts. I made my letter using these excellent instructions I found on Pinterest. Within minutes, I had an official-looking Hogwarts letter.

The letter is completely customizable, and the pin even links to places where you can find the fonts used to recreate the letter. I copied and pasted the wording from the pin into Microsoft Word and included the Hogwarts crest. Then, I personalized the letter and changed a few font things around before hitting print. The only snag I ran into came when I was addressing the letter. The font I used, Wizards Magic, appeared to be flawed when I looked at it in Microsoft Word. For some reason, the tops of the letters I typed looked cut off and incomplete. However, after printing my document, the font looked as good as it did in the example.

Not only does the letter look official, but it was also super easy. Instead of poking someone on Facebook or tweeting something witty at them, perhaps sliding an addressed Hogwarts letter under their door would be a good change of pace. It’ll probably brighten their day.

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