The Rundown: Jan. 30

Mollie Cahillane, Blogger

Diagon Alley coming to Harry Potter World this summer

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in 2010 to enormous success. Universal announced Thursday that approximately $400 million worth of renovations and expansions will open in the park over summer 2014. Two major rides and eight new stores are coming. A replica of Diagon Alley is the most exciting. No Harry Potter land is complete without the first magical place Harry visited. Grab some Butterbeer (or firewhiskey, if that’s more your style) and book your tickets to Orlando, ASAP.

Surprise! Justin Bieber in even more trouble

By now, everyone knows that the Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence. Everyone makes fun of Florida cops, but they are the ones who finally took him down. However, JBiebs headed to Toronto to face assault charges Wednesday. On Dec. 29, there was an alleged altercation with his limousine driver after a Toronto Maple Leafs game. Biebs has now pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge and will face arraignment on Valentine’s Day. Looks like Selena dodged a bullet on this one.

People think Lorde is too talented to only be 17

Lorde won two major Grammy Awards on Sunday night, but critics seem to think that no 17-year-old should be able to have her abilities. To dispel rumors, Lorde’s birth certificate was released, proving she was actually born in 1996. Stay bitter, Los Angeles.

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