Evanston declares snow emergency, snow route parking ban

Ciara McCarthy, City Editor

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Evanston declared Tuesday both a snow emergency and a snow route parking ban.

The snow route parking ban will be in effect for Tuesday night. Residents are prohibited from parking in areas designated as snow routes to allow main roads to be cleared, the city said. Cars parked on snow routes Tuesday night could be ticketed and towed.

The city also declared a snow emergency for Wednesday and Thursday. The snow emergency restricts where residents can park cars on streets with parking available on both sides.

Emergency sirens will signal several times over the next two days to remind residents to move their cars.

Public Works Director Suzette Robinson explained the challenges of removing snow with limited parking available during last week’s City Council.

“We have to do our snow removal in stages so that we make sure there’s enough residential parking available so residents have options,” she said.

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