Pillow Talk: Welcome to my bedroom

Laken Howard, Blogger

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Welcome back, Current readers! It’s a new quarter and a new year, so it’s only fitting that a new blog is born. I’ve decided to depart from the days of blogging about my escapades with online dating. Instead, I’ll be blogging about a much more important (albeit related) topic: sex! I must admit, I got a little burnt out rehashing the details of past dates and ex-lovers. From here on out, I’ll spare you the boring emotional details and focus on one positive thing that came out of many failed relationships: lots and lots of new sexual experiences.

First and foremost, I am not claiming to be an expert concerning all things sexual. The point of this blog is to promote the open discussion of sex and sexual health. I’m one of those people who firmly believes that sex is totally natural, and people of all genders and sexual orientations should talk about it honestly and openly. If you read my other Current blogs, you’re already aware that I’m a classic over-sharer. As I’ve said before and will surely say again, my pain is your gain. My embarrassing sex stories can hopefully help you or at the very least make you laugh. All I want is to offer my take on things such as nipple clamps, sexting, lingerie, oral sex and more, while hopefully entertaining or engaging you in the process.

2013 was a notably sex-filled year for me. If I were to make a graph of my sexual partners, let’s just say last year was undoubtedly the climax (I crack myself up). All the way through freshman year I was a mostly-virginal-not-technically-virgin who dreaded having sex because I’d only done it once. Then 2013 happened, and well… I’m a totally different sexual creature than I was. I’m not condoning promiscuity or damning those who choose to remain chaste; all I’m saying is that I’ve learned a lot and want to share it with the world.

I hope you’ll trust that my heart (and vagina) is in the right place here. I love having sex, and I love talking about sex. (Disclaimer: As I discuss various topics, please note they are from the point of view of a promiscuous heterosexual female, and it is not my intention to exclude, overlook or demean any other viewpoints, gender identities or orientations, but can only speak from my own experiences). To maintain some mystery, I won’t tell you exactly how many guys I’ve slept with or how many d—- I’ve had in my mouth (two totally different numbers, FYI). What I will tell you is anything and everything I know about all aspects of sex and hope I can be somewhat informative. If you’re bored in class, feel free to email or tweet me questions to answer in future blogs. I’d love to talk about what you want to hear! No question is too personal, so don’t be shy.

I can’t wait to delve into all things sexy for you, Current readers. Until next week, be safe and be sexual!