‘Frozen’ thrills, but remember the lesser known Disney movies, too

Chelsea Sherlock, Blogger

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When “Frozen” first premiered, my Facebook feed started to fill with rave reviews of the movie. Several friends deemed it the best movie Disney has ever made. It’s so popular that it is already being turned into a Broadway musical.

One thing that makes the movie stand out from other classic Disney animated films is that it breaks the mold of stories of a girl and a boy falling in love. Instead, it focuses on the power of the bond between sisters.

This seems to be a growing trend in modern Disney movies. Recent Disney movies like “The Princess and the Frog” and “Brave” feature strong female characters, rather than damsels in distress. They have also branched away from the typical “princess-finding-her-prince” plot.

While classic princess movies like “Cinderella” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” are what typically come to mind when thinking of Disney movies, there are many other animated features that are unique yet underappreciated. Here are my top five:

1) “Robin Hood” (1973)

This movie, like most Disney movies, has a lot of jokes that are easily missed the first time watching it as a child. There are a variety of sassy characters, and the style of music stands out from other classic Disney films with its folksy style. The plot centers on the classic tale of the foxy Robin Hood. Just try not to fall in love with the adorable group of children that help Robin save the day, especially the loveable Skippy and Toby Turtle.

2) “Hercules” (1997) 

What is better than a Disney prince? A Greek god. Hercules is one of Disney’s most attractive characters. For anyone who grew up as a scrawny high schooler, it’s an inspiration tale to watch Herc go from awkward to awesome. The movie also features Danny DeVito as the voice of Phil, and there are some great references to other movies, such as “Midnight Cowboy” and Greek myths: “Wow. What a day. First that restaurant by the bay. And then that, that play, that, that, that Oedipus thing. Man, I thought *I* had problems.”  There is also a good lesson about sacrificing yourself to help others.

3) “Oliver and Company” (1988) 

A snobby poodle with a slew of ex-boyfriends, a kitten rescued from the mean streets of a big city and the gangster who kidnaps a little girl make up this movie. It’s a heartwarming tale of the bond between a girl and her pets.

4) “The Sword in the Stone” (1963) 

Before Camelot, there was a boy named Arthur, some crazy villagers and the legendary sword in the stone. GIFs from the movie pop on my Tumblr randomly, reminding me of all the random stuff that happens in this movie. It’s one of the lesser known animated movies — and also one of the quirkiest. There is a solid scene in which Merlin accidentally transforms himself and Arthur into fish.

5) “The Aristocats” (1970) 

First off, this movie gets points for the pun. The essential plot is that when the wealthy owner of a family of cats gives them her inheritance in her will, her butler decides to get rid of them, and a team of animals works to rescue the kittens. This movie reveals a world in which kittens take music and art lessons, and dogs learn to drive.

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