Evanston sycamore trees suffer severe splits during storm


Source: Evanston public works department

Extreme cold temperatures may have split the trunks of several sycamore trees around Evanston. Public works officials plan to present a report to City Council on Monday.

Ciara McCarthy, City Editor

Last week’s severe winter weather may have caused significant damage to a number of Evanston’s sycamore trees, the public works department said.

Public Works director Suzette Robinson said a resident alerted the department to a split tree in the 2200 block of Dodge Avenue. City officials inspected the tree and discovered multiple sycamore trees nearby with similar, severe splits.

Paul D’Agostino, the city’s assistant director of public works and forestry, had never seen trees split so severely, Robinson said in an email to Evanston media. D’Agostino is inspecting some of the 300 public sycamore trees in the area for similar damages.

It is likely that the sub-zero temperatures were the cause, Robinson said. D’Agostino is talking to other colleagues in the area to determine what caused the tree splits. Representatives from the public works department will present their findings to City Council on Monday.

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