Police: Bank robber identified as primary suspect in July double homicide

Ciara McCarthy, City Editor

Police have identified Kevin Ross, who was fatally shot earlier this week, as the primary suspect in a double homicide from July.

Azim and Mobeen Hakeem were fatally shot at their downtown business this summer. The brothers were found dead on the night of July 30 inside Evanston Pipe & Tobacco, 923 Davis St.

(Hakeem brothers’ shooting deaths ruled homicides)

Ross, 29, was fatally shot by police Monday afternoon after he reportedly robbed more than $3,000 in cash from Chase Bank, 901 Grove St., police said. “Several officers” fired after Ross refused to drop his weapon a short distance away from the bank near downtown Evanston.

Police are investigating Ross as the primary suspect in the Hakeem brothers’ murder after uncovering evidence in Ross’s south Evanston home. Officers found the identification card and wallet of Mobeen Hakeem and the social security card of Azim Hakeem inside a storage locker that Ross was using, police said.

In addition, officers identified a shell casing consistent with those found at the scene of the brothers’ deaths, police said. The casing will be sent to the Illinois State Police crime lab for comparison. Police are working to locate the semi-automatic pistol that Ross purchased in June, which matches the weapon used to kill the brothers. Police are examining Ross’ computer for additional evidence.

The FBI continues to assist the Evanston Police Department as it investigates any other criminal activity that may have involved Ross.

— Ciara McCarthy