What to wear this holiday season

Erica Witte, Reporter

As you reunite with hometown friends and family members over winter break, you may become overwhelmed with the number of festivities for which you’re required to have a stylish outfit. Whether you’re constructing the perfect gingerbread house or hitting the slopes, here you’ll find a guide to the most festive outfits of the season.

Snowed in 

Winter in colder climates guarantees days when all you’ll want to do is snuggle up by the fire, drink hot cocoa and watch holiday movies. For these snowed-in occasions, a cozy onesie is the best way to go, but any snuggly pajamas will do the trick. Bonus points awarded if the pajamas have a seasonal print.  Throw on a pair of fuzzy socks to complete the look — just promise you’ll never leave the house in this ensemble.

An elegant affair

Whether it’s a big family dinner or a fancy Christmas soiree, chances are you will attend a gathering that requires the perfect holiday dress. Choose one in a festive color, like red, green or gold. Once you’ve narrowed the store’s selection down to, well, almost all its holiday dresses, move onto the second criteria — fabric. Lace and velvet are the perfect fabrics for a holiday frock, and added shimmer or embellishments never hurt. Be sure the dress is appropriate for Grandma’s eyes during a family get-together, yet flirty enough to party with friends afterward. If that combination is impossible to find, just throw on a cardigan for Grandma.

Frosty adventures

If you’re heading to Millennium Park for an ice skating extravaganza, opt for a long cardigan that covers your backside. That way, if you fall (which you will), you can avoid marking your cute maroon-colored jeans with the ever-embarrassing wet butt stain. Also, the massive amount of material that is your sweater will double as a blanket to snuggle with on the ride back to campus. Throw on an infinity scarf, a hat and gloves to keep yourself warm because chances are it will be below freezing.

The classic countdown

All eyes will be on you this New Year’s Eve if you opt for an attention-demanding, over-the-top sparkly dress. Plus, if your party lacks a disco ball, your friends will be thrilled when your ensemble lights up the room. Although you may not get too much wear out of a sequined dress during Winter Quarter at Northwestern, the good news is that it will still be fabulous when you ring in 2015. Really, sparkles on New Year’s Eve will never go out of style.

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