Northwestern seeking to fill new student involvement position

Tyler Pager, Reporter

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With the the Center for Student Involvement moving into the renovated space on the third floor of Norris University Center, Northwestern is seeking candidates for a new role heading the center.

Burgwell Howard, assistant vice president for student engagement, said he was given approval to begin a search for the director of student involvement — a new position — in June and began the process in September. However, he said the cycle for student affairs jobs generally runs from March to August, so the position will likely be filled this summer. 

“We have CSI operating as it does in its various capacities, but we’re looking for a person to help us not only brain tie those areas together but also connect with other areas of involvement on campus, so that is the Buffett Center, that is the Center for Leadership, the Center for Civic Engagement,” Howard said. 

He added that the position will help look more broadly at student involvement.

“We’re trying to link not only the out-of-class experience and the student learning that happens there, but also take advantage of those opportunities, be they through internships or through some of these academic centers, to say, ‘How do we actively link those types of involvement?'” Howard said.

The new position coincides with the opening of the new space for CSI on the third floor of Norris. An open house was held Tuesday for students and faculty to see the new space, which will officially open on Jan. 6. Howard said he is excited about the potential of the new, larger space.

“Frankly, Northwestern’s greatest challenge has not been good ideas or even money — it’s usually about space.” he said. “Space is at such a premium on this campus, and we have a very decentralized university and student organizations have operated in a kind of decentralized fashion. We are trying to really encourage students to work together.”

— Tyler Pager