Five times it’s OK to Snapchat someone’s ugly outfit

Kendall Siewert, Columnist

We’ve all done it. We whip out our camera phones and tell our friends to pose and smile when we’re surreptitiously taking a Snapchat of someone’s horrendous outfit behind them.  So now it’s time to answer the pressing question on all of our minds: What makes an outfit ugly enough to warrant taking a Snapchat of it? There are endless combinations of disastrous style attempts, but here are five times when it’s definitely necessary to pull out your camera and document the fashion fail.

1. Ridiculously too-small clothing tops the list and is perhaps the most common offender. Whenever you see someone in jean shorts that are four sizes too small, it’s time to share with your friends. Ditto if someone ever wears a crop top with tiny spandex to the grocery store.

2. Unfortunate joufits are definitely Snapchat worthy. What’s a joufit you may ask? Simply put, it’s an outfit consisting entirely of jean material. If you see jeans paired with a denim shirt with denim covered hoops, it’s time to open up that cute little ghost mascot and snap away.

3. When people wear costumes as everyday clothing items, they’re basically asking to be Snapchatted to everyone’s friend list. When someone tries to incorporate the go-go boots they wore last Halloween into their outfit, you know what to do. It’s even better if they try to wear the entire costume as a legitimate ensemble.

4. One of my favorite times to Snapchat a bad outfit is when someone layers inexplicably strange items on top of each other. Why did they put a plaid skirt over their jeans? Who knows, but it makes for incredible Snapchat material.

5. Last, but certainly not least, is the time machine offender. This person seems to forget this is 2013 and instead dresses for the ’80s with shoulder-padded blazers and unfortunate perms. All other decades are applicable as well. Click. Circle worst part of outfit. Send.

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