The Rundown: Week of Nov. 10

Devan Coggan, Copy Chief

Miley Cyrus apparently smokes joint onstage at EMAs

Miley Cyrus brought her love for awards show drama to the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday, twerking onstage with a female dwarf performer and, after accepting the award for “best video,” lighting what appeared to be a joint. All this came after she walked the red carpet in a dress that featured pictures of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur and the words “Please stop” across her rear end. Miley, maybe it’s time to take some advice from your wardrobe.


‘Star Wars’ launches search for new cast members

The search is on for two major roles in the upcoming “Star Wars” movie. In addition to in-person casting calls, potential “Star Wars” stars can submit a video audition online. Hey casting agents, call me. Those other actors aren’t the droids you’re looking for.


Disney developing ‘Princess Bride’ adaptation for the stage

Looks like seeing “The Princess Bride” on stage isn’t so inconceivable after all. Disney announced Monday it will adapt the beloved ‘80s adventure comedy for the stage. A previous musical adaptation failed to get off the ground in 2007, but as it just so happens, that version was only mostly dead. There’s a big difference between being mostly dead and all dead. And as Miracle Max will tell you, mostly dead is slightly alive.


Steve Nicks to guest star in upcoming ‘AHS’ episode

“American Horror Story: Coven” creator Ryan Murphy tweeted Tuesday that Stevie Nicks will appear in an upcoming episode of the series. No word yet on what kind of role Nicks will play, but rumors of real witchcraft have plagued the singer for years. She has denied these rumors adamantly, saying, “I’m not a witch. I’m your wife!” Wait, no. That’s not right. Sorry, I’m still geeking out over “The Princess Bride.”

— Devan Coggan