Quiz: Who’s your TV character style inspiration?

Kendall Siewert, Columnist

Admit it: There are some shows you watch just for the fashion. I mean, by the sixth season of Gossip Girl, did anyone really care what Serena van der Woodsen was doing as much as what she was wearing? Looking like your favorite TV show celebs isn’t hard to do. Take this quick quiz and see whose style you should try out and how!

Your ideal outfit would include:

a) A patterned ensemble with a cropped leather jacket

b) Short hemlines and sparkles

c) A sweet dress and cardigan


When going out, you tend to:

a) Accessorize early and often.

b) Go glam. Red lipstick is always appropriate.

c) Style your hair the same way every time. Hey, you know what works, so why change it?


If you could describe your style in two words, they would be:

a) Constantly changing

b) Fashion forward

c) Cute and preppy


If you answered mostly A’s you’re most like: Aria from “Pretty Little Liars”

Aria’s style is always changing, but she keeps core elements of her look. In order to copy her outfits, accessorizing is key. Quirky necklaces, belts and shoes all contribute to her stylish look. Her structured dresses with bold prints are the perfect way to showcase individual attitude.  Finally, ignore all practicality. How did she even walk around school in her towering heels? Not that anyone cares because she got Ezra, so the girl must be doing something right.

If you answered mostly B’s you’re most like: Serena from “Gossip Girl”

You probably peeked down at the answers beforehand and then skewed your choices so you could get Serena, because let’s face it, she pretty much has the best wardrobe ever. Serena’s look depends on fashion forward pieces with a subtle bohemian flair. Imitate her famous train station outfit with a striped boat neck tee, open trench coat and a silk neck scarf. When going out, be sure that all eyes are on you à la Serena with short hemlines and understated sparkles.

If you answered mostly C’s you’re most like: Jess from “New Girl”

Jess is the most adorable character on television with her unabashed cuteness. Getting her look is a cinch, just search for a prim dress with an A-line shape and top it off with a colorful cardigan. Keep accessories simple and invest in quilted flats or small heels. Bonus points if you can get your hair to look as good as hers always does. (But really, how does it always look so perfect?)

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