The Rundown: Week of Nov. 3


Source: MCTdirect

Justin Bieber causes more trouble this week. The singer allegedly snuck out of a Brazilian brothel draped in a white sheet and surrounded by bodyguards.

Devan Coggan, Copy Chief

Justin Bieber reportedly spotted outside a Brazilian brothel

Justin Bieber is under fire this week after allegedly sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel draped in a sheet and surrounded by bodyguards. Obviously, this is a huge misunderstanding, and he just wanted to show the Brazilian prostitutes his ghost Halloween costume. Spooky.

“Breaking Bad” does comedy

The cast and crew of “Breaking Bad” are branching out. Creator Vince Gilligan will make his acting debut on an upcoming episode of “Community,” and Anna Gunn will guest star on “The Mindy Project.” So, expect these normally upbeat comedies to turn dark as Mindy uses her job at the hospital to begin cooking meth, and Troy and Abed bond over murdering a Mexican drug kingpin.

“Wolverine” gets a sequel

A sequel to this year’s movie “The Wolverine” got the green light yesterday from Twentieth Century Fox. This will mark Hugh Jackman’s eighth time on screen as the hairy mutant. Meanwhile, Marvel continues to dig its heels in and refuses to develop a film starring a woman superhero. Apparently the comics company thinks an eighth appearance by a shirtless Jackman will be enough to satisfy female fans.

Blockbuster to close remaining retail stores

Blockbuster announced Wednesday it will close its remaining 300 retail stores in the U.S. This tragedy marks the end of an era, but in other news, this means I emerge victorious in the standoff with my local Blockbuster concerning a Mary-Kate and Ashley VHS I may or may not still have under my bed.

— Devan Coggan