Five Words for the Jonas Brothers breakup


Source: MCTdirect

The Jonas Brothers are no more! The group recently announced their official breakup.

Chanel Vargas, Reporter

Longtime fans of pop-rock band the Jonas Brothers have truly been “burnin’ up” since the trio confirmed its breakup at the end of October. Having previously canceled their latest tour and parted ways with their record label, it was no surprise that the “Camp Rock” stars decided it was “time for them to fly.” Kevin Jonas told People magazine, “It’s over for now.”  Northwestern students give their input on the Jonas Brothers’ final “goodnight and goodbye.”

“Oh, this is an S.O.S!” — Ally Mutnick

“They were still a thing?” — Rebecca Ehlers

“What? No more ‘Camp Rock’?” — Mackenzie Broderick

“Everyone knows it’s (blank)’s fault.” — Austin Busch

“Boy-band breakups are so overrated.” — Elizabeth Kim

“They said forever and always.” — Sofia Rada

“Burning up for you, baby.” — Steven Montero