Northwestern official: No reports of insensitive costumes during Halloween weekend

Tyler Pager, Reporter

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There have been no formal complaints of students wearing offensive costumes or hosting inappropriately themed parties during Halloween celebrations, Dean of Students Todd Adams said Monday.

“We haven’t received to this point, and to my knowledge, any reports dealing with insensitive costumes or concerns over themes or themed parties,” Adams said.

Adams and Patricia Telles-Irvin, vice president for student affairs, each sent emails to Northwestern students in advance of the holiday reminding students to dress respectfully while celebrating. University administrators began the practice in 2008, after a photograph circulated of two students in blackface for Halloween.

“Many still recall that, several years ago, our community came together after insensitive costumes worn by NU community members made headlines,” Adams wrote in his email Wednesday. “Please consider carefully when choosing a costume or selecting a theme.”

Adams also said there was no increase in noise violations over the weekend.

“I don’t believe this last week was any different,” he said. “I didn’t see an uptick because of Halloween, but a similar number to what we’ve been notified of from prior weeks in the quarter.

Although residents continue to file noise complaints, Adams said he is grateful that students are walking in groups together. However, he said it is important for students to remain cognizant of their Evanston neighbors.

“As a university … we have a lot of activity on evenings, on weekends, both on campus and around campus, that not everyone follows that same calendar or schedule,” Adams said.

— Tyler Pager