Five Words for Lou Reed


Source: MCTdirect

Lou Reed is well-known for his 1973 hit “Walk on the Wild Side.” He was an icon in the world of classic rock music.

Chanel Vargas, Reporter

Rock n’ roll pioneer Lou Reed passed away Sunday at 71 due to liver disease, leaving behind a legacy in the world of music.  Co-founder and primary songwriter for The Velvet Underground, Reed was a successful solo artist whose work and collaborations — with artists ranging from David Bowie to Nirvana to The Killers — have inspired numerous musicians over the decades.  Such a prominent and inspiring musical influence will be greatly missed. Northwestern students respond to this tragedy:

“Still waiting for the man.” — Austin Busch

“Walked on the wild side.” — Eunsang Oh 

“Sad to hear the news.” — Annie Bruce

“We will miss you dearly.” — Tanner Maxwell