Pincidents: Healthy Halloween snacks prove mediocre

Hayley Glatter, Columnist

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Last week, I checked my Twitter feed in search of a few cat GIFs and some snide comments to break up the horror of midterms. What I found made my heart skip multiple beats: I had a new follower. Unlike my 143 other followers, however, this follower has a small blue checkmark next to his name.

Because he is famous.

Because he is Aaron Carter.

Yes, international pop sensation Aaron Carter follows me on Twitter and is now privy to every rude comment I make about the loud people in the library and the long wait at Howard for a Purple Line train.

This Twitter interaction got me thinking, and I realized that Sir Carter was far more important in my life than I initially would have thought. In fact, his song lyrics basically served as my personal manifesto all throughout childhood.

His hit song “I Want Candy” boldly states in the chorus, “I want candy.”

That lyric is so insightful, so philosophical, and it really speaks to me.

Because of my sugary fanaticism, I love Halloween. For this Oct. 31, however, I decided to branch out and try to find some healthy snacks to appease my less sugar-obsessed friends. Pinterest was there, as always, to lend a helping hand, and I found a list of 64 healthy treats. But I wasn’t trying to satisfy the snack cravings of a small army, so I decided on two items: edible spiders and edible brooms.

The only ingredients needed are pretzels, peanut butter, raisins, crackers and string cheese. It’s all pretty standard,  and taking peanut butter out of the dining hall is easy and free, especially if you have no shame like me.

I decided to tackle the spiders first. Basically, raisins and pretzel rods are adhered to whole-wheat Ritz crackers with peanut butter. The two crackers are then smushed together to form an itsy bitsy spider. It was a simple process that took just a few minutes and yielded some pretty solid results.

I then moved on to my broomsticks. I was doubtful going into this snack because I didn’t buy chives like the pin suggested and didn’t have scissors specifically for food. Nevertheless, I began by halving a few string cheese sticks and peeling them apart until one end resembled broom bristles. Then I skewered my mozzarella masterpiece with a pretzel rod and a broom was born. I’m not saying this is a Nimbus 2000, but it’s probably up there with a Firebolt in terms of quality and snitch-grabbing ability.

Overall, there is nothing super flashy about these snacks, and if someone had given them to me while trick-or-treating, small me likely would have thrown them out. However, for people looking for a healthier way to satisfy their Halloween cravings, Pinterest is a great place to turn.

Twitter: @hayleyg6994