Five ways to trick people into thinking you’re stylish

Buttoned-up collars feel edgier with a tough necklace.

Kendall Siewert, Columnist

Fashion is hard work. It’s basically like another class — you have to research the latest trends, carefully plan your outfits, understand proportions and do it all every single day. There are a billion excuses for pajama pants and sweatshirt combinations, ranging from exhaustion to the typical comfort ploy.  So here’s a breakdown of five simple ways to make people think you’re more stylish than you actually are. You (and your wardrobe) can thank me later.

  1. Get a winter coat with a tie at the waist. It’s hard to stay warm and look stylish when it’s bitterly cold, but it’s by no means impossible. A puffer that goes in at the waist will make you look less, well, puffy. By giving the jacket some shape, it instantly transforms into cozy, fashionable winter wear. Already have your coat but don’t have a tie? No worries. Add a skinny belt around the smallest part of your waist for the same effect.
  2. Button up your shirt. Although it may seem counterintuitive, buttoning a shirt up all the way to the top will give you serious style cred. Not convinced? Google outfits with shirts buttoned up to the top, then prepare to be amazed. Bonus points if you add a short necklace tucked under the collar.
  3. Wear trendy glasses. Cat-eye versions, round options and printed glasses all look on trend and fashion forward. If you have perfect vision, choose a pair just for fun with non-prescription lenses.
  4. Trade in your flats for sneakers. An outfit can instantly turn cooler when it has an unexpected twist. Swap your boots or flats for sneakers to add edge to any outfit. There’s only one caveat — these sneakers shouldn’t be your gym shoes. Find shoes that are meant for day-to-day wear with cool details like a suede fabric or a wedge heel.
  5. Don’t forget a hat. On colder days, beanies and knitted options will keep your head and ears warm. Other options, like fedoras, floppy hats or baseball caps, can showcase your individuality and make you instantly more stylish. J.Crew has an amazing bejeweled baseball cap right now that is sure to make a statement. (Plus all students get a 15 percent discount!)

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