Here We Go Again: Quotes of the week


Source: MCTdirect

Actress Kaley Cuoco tweets about her wedding to Ryan Sweeting.

Chanel Vargas, Reporter

“At least in my case, I’m playing two characters that are, kind of, let’s say emotionally infantile. One is like a baby in the way that he reacts to everything. He’s like a child. Then James, the doppelganger character, is the kind of nasty infant that has no conscience. That’s a totally unique aesthetic that he creates.” — Actor Jesse Eisenberg to Esquire magazine regarding his upcoming film “The Double.”

“It turns out the fox is very individual.” — Vegard Ylvisaker, half of the comedic duo known as Ylvis, answering the biggest question about the group’s hit song “The Fox.”

“It’s my wedding day!!!!!” — Actress Kaley Cuoco (@KaleyCuoco) tweets teasingly just three weeks after her engagement to tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

“I like the feel of a book more than an iPad or Kindle. It’s one of the few places where I think you can get lost in your own imagination with a very simple tool.  It doesn’t prescribe what the exchange is going to be.  Those things that are on a phosphorous screens, you’ve got to look at sidebars, and advertising, and other stuff, and that’s not a creative or imaginative experience.” —  Actor Geoffrey Rush in an interview for the upcoming novel-based film “The Book Thief.”

— Chanel Vargas