The Rundown: Week of Oct. 13


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Miley Cyrus is yet again the topic of entertainment news. Sufjan Stevens decided to follow Sinead O’Connor and wrote an open letter to Cyrus, this time criticizing her grammar.

Devan Coggan, Copy Chief

Childish Gambino gets deep on Instagram

Comedian Donald Glover, also known as rapper Childish Gambino, took to Instagram on Monday to post a series of dark insecurities written on Marriott stationery, including fears like “I’m afraid people think that I hate my race” and “I’m afraid there’s someone better for you or me.” These confessions came only a few days after Glover headlined A&O Blowout, which begs the question: Was it something we said? We’re sorry for whatever it was! Hang in there, Glover. We love you.

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler will return to Golden Globes

Thankfully, NBC announced Tuesday that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will return to host the Golden Globes for the next two years. The pair were widely considered the most successful awards show hosts of the 2013 season, and although we had hoped they would be promoted to host “every awards show forever,” we’ll settle for two years of the Golden Globes.

Sufjan Stevens weighs in on Miley Cyrus, corrects her grammar

The Sinead O’Connor-Miley Cyrus feud rages on, and O’Connor has posted a total of four open letters to the former child star. But indie musician Sufjan Stevens wins this round with his own open letter addressed to Cyrus. On his Tumblr, he professes his undying love for her new song “#GetItRight” before tactfully correcting her grammar. He even suggests changing “I been laying in this bed all night long” to the more grammatically correct “I been laying my tired booty on this bed all night long.” He closes by calling her “the hottest cake in the pan.” If this is what a Sufjan Stevens celebrity feud looks like, we need more of them.

Charlie Hunnam drops out of ’50 Shades’

“Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam has backed out of the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Hunnam was to play billionaire BDSM enthusiast Christian Grey, and rumors behind his departure range from a low salary to a lack of creative control. But the most likely reason? He was busy shooting “SOA” and didn’t want to “50 Shades” to get him tied up. (Get it? “Tied up”? … I’ll see myself out.)

 — Devan Coggan