‘Cause you’re hot and you’re cold: The art of layering

Medill freshman Ashley Peterson show show to layer in her grey sweater topped with a burgundy cardigan.

Kendall Siewert, Columnist

The same thing happens every morning. I wake up, freezing and dreading my long, cold walk to South Campus for early morning classes. Hastily, I put on a warm and cozy sweater with pants and rush out the door. As the temperature slowly creeps up during the day, I walk down Sheridan sweating profusely in my hot sweater that seemed like such a good idea just that same cool morning. Luckily, fashion created a word to keep this kind of problem from ever happening to you. It’s called layering, and it’s a godsend for fluctuating temperatures and freezing ones alike. So listen up, then layer up — and never be sweating or freezing ever again! (Time spent at SPAC and Evanston in January sold separately).

Tank you very much

No matter the weather, always start out with a tank top. This inexpensive and accessible item will help preserve body heat on colder days and let you take off other layers on warmer-than-expected fall days. Since it might be your last resort on a strangely hot afternoon, it’s best to choose an option that looks presentable with thicker straps and a cotton fabric.

Top it off

This is where creativity comes in hand — the options are endless! Choose any shirt and sweater combination, or just one of the two, keeping in mind the rules of proportion. A foolproof option is a tank, button down shirt and pullover. If it heats up, simply remove the sweater and unbutton the shirt to cool down and still be stylish.

Baby, it’s cold outside

On days when you’re 100 percent sure it’s going to be cold out (snow is a good indicator),  repeat the first two steps, and then top the sweater with a jacket. On top of all of this goes your beloved puffer that will hopefully minimize some of the icy fresh-off-the-lake wind. Hats, gloves and scarves are also encouraged.

Bring a carry all

A bag is a crucial item to remember when planning to layer. The convenience of layering gets a little bit ruined if you have to lug all the of the pieces you removed beneath your arms all day. So be prepared, and grab a tote or your backpack before you walk out the door to stash your extra layers.

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