Transforming trends: How to make fall fashion work for your body

Kendall Siewert , Columnist

October marks the long-awaited start of fall, when pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves and sweater weather take over Northwestern’s campus. The perfectly chilly pre-parka temperature ushers in some of the year’s most fashionable outfits. However, in our excitement for cooler temperatures, we sometimes forget what looks best on our bodies. So here’s how to dress for your figure this fall because, hey, you never know — Aaron Samuels could ask you what day it is.

Avoid the faux fur faux pas

It seems fur vests are here to stay whether we like it or not. But beware — most oversized options will leave you looking like you threw on a bear rug. Instead, stick to a more tailored version, looking especially for options that nip in at the waist. Because the vests are fluffier by nature, be sure to wear a skinny pant to balance it out.

Leggings aren’t pants

Let’s all say this together: Leggings are not, cannot and will never be pants. However, that’s not to say they aren’t a warm, stylish option for cooler fall days. To nail the proportions, make sure at least one of your layers goes past your bum. Keep in mind that not all parts of this outfit have to be oversized — a cute pair of leggings with a long shirt and a shorter motorcycle jacket looks trendy and body conscious.

These boots are made for walkin’ (North to South, anyone?)

Nancy Sinatra (and later, Jessica Simpson) must have been singing to college campuses worldwide. With the amount of walking that occurs on a daily basis, comfort is a must, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. The main aspect to be aware of when purchasing a pair of boots is the height. For example, mid-calf boots can cut off the leg at its widest part, but ones that hit just below the knee are more universally flattering. Choose something practical, and save the over-the-knee and high-heeled styles for the runway.

Fall weather allows for some of the most fun and stylish looks all year. Always play with different trends, but this year, ask yourself if it works with your body type before testing it out. If not, it’s best to leave it on the rack and find something that makes you look (and feel) amazing.