Five words for: The government shutdown


Photo Source: MCTdirect

People show their frustration with the government shutdown. Northwestern students have strong opinions on the topic as well.

Chanel Vargas, Reporter

Contrary to popular belief, the recent shutdown of the U.S. government does not spell out the apocalypse for America. As of Oct. 1, government services and sources of employment deemed non-essential by Congress have been shut down. Though many have convinced themselves otherwise, these services do not include such necessities as Medicare, tax collection, mail delivery or the military. Partly inspired by the recent “Saturday Night Live” parody of the situation, Daily staffers gave their input on the subject:

“Miley Cyrus wins the shutdown.” – Michele Corriston

“Such great fodder for SNL.” – Stephanie Haines

“So many out of twerk.” – Ally Mutnick

“No more pony adoption program!” – Madeleine Elkins

“Mayans were just months off.” – Kendall Siewert

“Can I run for president?” – Steven Montero