Updated: Subway opens at Northwestern’s Norris Center


Joseph Diebold/Daily Senior Staffer

Subway opens in the Norris University Center on Thursday. The location is the 11th to open in Evanston.

Joseph Diebold, Campus Editor

Northwestern, it’s time for a $5 footlong.

Subway, installed in Norris University Center over the summer and early part of Fall Quarter, opened at 11 a.m. for lunch. The 11th iteration of Subway in Evanston replaced Windy City Deli, nuSushi and Big Ten Cafe in the Norris food court.

(Editorial: Administration should look at students as partners, not customers)

“We are looking forward to having one of the strongest retail brands in America, Subway, on campus at Northwestern,” Steve Mangan, district manager for nuCuisine, said in a news release when the arrival of Subway was announced. “It has a strong identity with value, quality, nutrition and wellness for our customers.”

Norris executive director Kelly Schaefer said administrators heard feedback from students, who wanted a low-cost, healthy option in the student center.

“When we did all of our research and gathered our data, we compiled all that to find that students wanted a branded concept that was healthy and affordable,” Schaefer said. “We’ve got the great Frontera concept which is organic and local at a bit higher of a price point for those great ingredients, but then here we have another option for students to choose from.”

McCormick senior Jerome Jeevarajan’s spicy Italian footlong was one of the first made at the new location.

“I think the pricing’s probably more competitive since it’s an outside company,” Jeevarajan said. “I feel like it’s something that more people would be up for more often.”

Joseph Diebold