ASG Faculty and Administration Honor Roll features new faces

Sophia Bollag, Copy Chief

In addition to veteran professors and administrators, several new Northwestern staff members made the annual Associated Student Government Faculty and Administration Honor Roll this year.

ASG released the list Wednesday. Dean of Students Todd Adams and Lesley-Ann Brown, director of campus inclusion and community — both of whom were hired last academic year — were among the 120 faculty and administrators elected by students for the Honor Roll. Several new professors also made the cut.

“It’s not necessarily based on how many years they’ve been here, it’s how well they were teaching that year,” said Sofia Sami, ASG academic vice president.

Sami, who compiled the list, said more students were involved with the selection process than they were last year.

“Our nominations are back up to where they were two years ago, which is about 1,200 nominations,” the Weinberg senior said. “Last year they were a little bit low — we had some issues with PR. This year we left the nominations open for a longer period of time.”

The full honor roll can be viewed below.

Sophia Bollag