Trader Joe’s set to open in early September


Patrick Svitek/Daily Senior Staffer

Trader Joe's, 1211 Chicago Ave., is expected to open in early September. Construction has been moving along more quickly than the developer expected.

Amanda Gilbert, Summer Reporter

If all goes according to plan, Northwestern students should be able to shop at Trader Joe’s when the academic year starts.

The store’s website says the Evanston location, 1211 Chicago Ave., will open Sept. 6, a month earlier than the original date.

“It’s practically complete,” said Scott Gendell, president of the store’s developer, Terraco Inc. “It looks complete.”

Gendell said construction has moved along more quickly than expected. The building’s interior was finished last month, and workers are now beginning to stock the store, he said.

The store will provide free parking to customers on adjacent lots that were purchased by the city for $2 million.

— Amanda Gilbert