Evanston firefighters extinguish 2 blazes in 24 hours

Ciara McCarthy, Summer Reporter

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The Evanston fire department put out blazes at two homes within 24 hours last week.

No one was hurt, but residents of both homes have been displaced, according to the fire department.

A fire broke out Wednesday night on the second floor of a house in the 700 block of Seward Street, the department said. Firefighters responded to the south Evanston home at about 9:15 p.m. and extinguished the flames in just over half an hour.

Fire officials believe the blaze was caused by some work being done to the roof.

Less than a day later, a second home, this one in west Evanston, filled with smoke after a fire started in the living room and kitchen, the department said.  At about 7:40 p.m., firefighters arrived at the house in the 1800 block of Laurel Avenue. They put out the fire shortly after 8 p.m., preventing it from spreading to the upstairs bedrooms.

The cause of the second fire is under investigation.

— Ciara McCarthy