Goodman: Northwestern should keep students safe all year long


Meredith Goodman, Summer Columnist

Before I arrived in Evanston for the summer, I scouted the city’s crime alert website for any advisories near my apartment. I warned my friends that I would have to be back in my apartment before dark. Even tonight, I paid attention to a local news story about a woman who was assaulted at an El stop.

Maybe I’m getting a bit too paranoid, but as a young woman living for the first time on her own, safety is a priority. I’m willing to pay for taxis around Evanston at night, head to my apartment early and not stay out after dark.

I only wish that Northwestern could give me a small helping hand during this first summer. I received an email during finals week that stated none of the shuttles will run during the summer except the Intercampus. SafeRide, NU’s usually reliable student-run car services, will also be absent during the summer.

I suppose I should consider myself a part of the real working world this summer and not take NU student services for granted. But I will technically be a tuition-paying student, and I would love a safety blanket for late Evanston nights.

This summer will be a sort of real-world trial for me, and I hope that I can balance work, exercise, and having fun in Evanston. Although I am not a full-time student during the summer, I believe the University has the responsibility of keeping its students safe on and off campus during the entire year. I can only hope that I can brave living on my own for the first time.

Meredith Goodman is a rising Weinberg junior. She can be reached at [email protected]. If you would like to respond publicly to this column, leave a comment or send a letter to the editor to [email protected].