Kellogg students’ parking hits snag with Dillo Day

Lydia Ramsey, Copy Chief

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For Kellogg Executive MBA students, Saturday will just be another class day regardless of what is happening on the Lakefill.

Originally, administrators at the Kellogg School of Management were concerned these students would not have a place to park when they headed to classes as their undergraduate peers take over their lot for Dillo Day. Although Mayfest has used the parking lots adjacent to the Allen Center in the past, construction on the North Beach parking lot complicated the situation this year.

University Police resolved the problem earlier this month, making plans to accommodate the Kellogg commuters with shuttles running from South Campus to the Allen Center.

“It’s worked out,” said Will Garrett, associate dean of executive education. “The police have been good. … There are roughly 150 executives trying to get to the programs in the building.”

The Allen Center is near the Lakefill, where Dillo Day takes place. Garrett said the classrooms in the Allen Center face west, which will buffer some of the sound coming from the stages to the east. He said he hopes there is a “good sense of humor” among the executive students, who might hear some of the music. Students in the two-year program all have at least eight to 10 years of managerial experience.

“The executives are a more senior crowd,” Garrett said. “It’s a weird juxtaposition of events.”

Lydia Ramsey