Plan ahead for effortless Dillo Day beauty

Annie Bruce, Current Assistant Editor

Let’s set the scene: It’s a beautifully sunny 80-degree day on the Lakefill, and you’re surrounded by other students dancing, jumping and drinking to the music of Walk The Moon. It’s a fun image, but it can easily turn disastrous once your makeup starts smearing, sunburn starts forming and sweat starts dripping down your face. Here are some makeup tips to ensure you will look photo-ready throughout the day.

Step One: Sunscreen is your friend

Although sunscreen is kind of a hassle and the smell is reminiscent of elementary school trips to the local swimming pool, it will save your life on Dillo Day. Let’s face it: You do not want to wake up with awkward tan lines accompanying your hangover. Try Supergoop! Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C Broad Spectrum, which comes in a small, easy-to-bring-and-reapply container and is perfect to spray on vulnerable spots such as your neck and shoulders. It’s also a good idea to use moisturizer with SPF included — though it doesn’t have the same effects as sunscreen, it does help protect and hydrate your skin while adding a nice glow.

Step Two: Have fun with bright colors

You don’t want to cake on your makeup, but it’s always fun to add a few special blasts of color to your face. Swipe on some waterproof mascara to make your lashes bolder, and brighten up your lips with some color to update the look. Lipstick itself can be annoying and wipes off pretty quickly, so try a lipstain instead (CoverGirl makes some great ones). They come in bright colors ranging from pinks to berries to reds, and they aren’t sticky, so no worries about your hair getting stuck on glossy lips as you bounce up and down to Smash Mouth.

Step Three: Accessorize to stay out of the sun

Accessories are an essential part of the Dillo Day look and can help you stay comfortable throughout the entire day. To stop the sweat from messing up your makeup and ruining all your Dillo Day photos, slip on a cute hat. Baseball hats in fun neon colors always work, but if you’re looking for something a little trendier, try a fedora. Make sure to add sunglasses to the mix as well. Aviators with UV protection are a safe bet.

Step Four: Clean up throughout the day

Even with good accessories and a colorful lipstain, you will eventually need to reapply makeup and refresh your face. Buy some cleansing wipes (Express Cleansing Wipes from Sephora work well) that hydrate your skin and remove any smeared makeup without leaving oily residue behind. These wipes typically come in small packs that are easy to slip into a purse, bag or pocket, meaning they are perfect for a makeup-drama-free Dillo Day.