Best place with a WILDcard discount: Flat Top Grill

Michele Corriston, Editor In Chief

707 Church St., 847-570-0100, 

Patrons can’t go wrong at this make-your-own stir-fry chain. Sure, you can try. But by the time your bowl, heaped with a random assortment of pineapple, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, steak, noodles and six spoonfuls of different sauces comes back from the grill, all you’ll see — and taste — is perfection. And with your WildCARD in tow, your custom creation is just $10.99 for dinner, $8.99 for lunch. There’s only one rule: Never forget to poke in that blue stick for roti. You’ll seriously regret missing out on the thin, flat, wonderfully oily bread.  As a final bonus for our of-age readers, the bar serves up fruity cocktails at very reasonable prices. — Michele Corriston