Best Pizza: Union Pizzeria

Edward Cox, Writer

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Best Pizza: Union Pizzeria

1245 Chicago Ave., 847-475-2400,

The entrance of Union Pizzeria has the vibe of a luxurious living room. Plush couches, dimmed lights and a towering stack of white pizza boxes near the bar create a friendly atmosphere. Old acquaintances chat over pizzas and other entrees. The thin-crust pizza molds easily into the grip of your hand, and the melted cheese threatens to spill unless the pizza is cupped perfectly. A bite of the  flexible piece of dough provokes a firework of flavors that puts your taste buds in its merciless, tenacious grip. How would one dissect the ingredients of this secret pizza recipe? It can only be through the collusion of the anchovies, olives and onions that Union achieves this blast to a salty, warm and tender past. — Edward Cox