Best Bar/Best Beer Specials: World of Beer

Michele Corriston, Editor in chief

1601 Sherman Ave., 847-328-3688, 

This stylish bar franchise proves the world of beer is a small one. On any given night, expect to find at least one friendly face among the throngs of college kids and older townies huddled over high tables and piled into plush leather booths. Offering more than 500 types of on-tap and bottled brews, World of Beer is a sports bar with class — check out the low lighting and exposed brick walls. Yes, you can catch the game, but the real draw is the drinks. Our favorites? The adorable beer shots, many varieties of cider and, of course, glorious Not Your Father’s Root Beer from Small Town Brewery — a syrupy sweet and deceptively boozy take on the classic soda. — Michele Corriston