Best Asian and best sushi: Todoroki Hibachi and Sushi

Jeanne Kuang , Assistant Campus Editor

526 Davis St., 847-733-0536,

All-you-can-eat goes classy at Todoroki Hibachi and Sushi, where customers can choose to be seated either at a regular table or by a hibachi grill. Either way, the restaurant’s sleek design and ambient lighting give the place a swanky fine-dining feel without being too overpriced. The all-you-can-eat sushi option gives you a variety of choices, but if you’re looking for something light, Todoroki has a collection of signature rolls (like the Red Sea, which features crispy soft-shell crab and avocado with slices of tuna and eel on top) that are both delicious and filling. For hibachi, watch a live cooking show (with fire) as your food is sliced, tossed and sizzled on the grill before you — bonus points if you can catch a flying piece of freshly sauteed veggie in your mouth. For dessert, make sure you split a serving of tempura ice cream with friends or your date for a few bites of sweet, fried goodness. — Jeanne Kuang